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Mon Oct 14, 2013, 3:07 AM

  I've mentioned this news elsewhere in a few comments on my dA page, but I figured I should finally write it down in a journal to say that all the artwork is completed for the next Reno Book.  I've been far too slow in getting it all scanned in and cleaned up to be print ready, but the drawings themselves are all done.  (For those of you new to my little corner, my first two books "Sensual Distress" volumes 1 and 2, are available on Amazon! :) )   The Publishers (SQP Inc.) and I haven't settled on the title for the new book, as of yet.  My first few suggestions were met with shrugs and polite responses like, "We've still got time, we'll figure something out."   (Maybe I should open the floor up to suggestions?)   Once it's all finished and nearing publication, I'll start posting some pictures from it... But I do have about a dozen or so images I cut from the final collection that I'll probably toss into my Gallery before then. 


In other news, the Social Media Gods finally broke me.  I've been reluctant to join anything outside of dA, ever since I broke MySpace a few years ago (SORRY!)  But after defying the omnipresent barrage of "FacebookTwitterInstagramHashtagFollowingFriendingLikingTweetingTwattingRetweeting..." etc, I finally dipped my toes into the OTHER SM waters (Social Media as opposed to S&M)   After a friendly email inviting me to join, I went ahead and made the Official Reno Twitter Account. *Insert trumpet fanfare followed by golf clap*  I promise nothing, ... it may be boring, non-existent, pointless, and have nothing to do with damsels in distress.  I may waste your time with 140 character rants about art, soda, football, and TV ... but I'm letting you know it's there.  

  You can follow my Twitter @SteveORenoArt.  ...and my apologies to the Twittersphere, I'll try not to break this one.


Still no Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Vine, or whatever hep new appy thingamablog folks are poking each other with these days. ... baby steps, people.  


B-) Reno 

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hey Reno, do your books include Shrunken woman pictures?, i saw your books at amazon but would like to know how much SW material is included?

I am in to that,  I love your pictures and scenarios related to it..

Congratulations fantastic work!
steveoreno Apr 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Each book, including the one I just finished, has about 5 or 6 shrunken women pics, a few of which are in my gallery.  If you haven't already seen the "Scraps" section of my gallery, there's quite a few SW pics in there that were never published.  

  But I have talked with the publishers about doing an entire SW book at some point, so we'll see.

... and thanks!
that would be awesome, I am certain not to be the only one that likes this type of material... congratulations once again for your amazing job, and looking forward to the completion of that sw book.
Hey Reno,
How is the book going? Are you ok? You haven't posted in a bit. Hoping work has you tired up. Or tying up in your cause I guess. Maybe just an update posting for your fans? Please? :)
steveoreno Apr 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey!  The new book has been finished for a while, but the publishers wanted a new piece for the cover, so once that's colored in the next few days it's off to the presses! I have TONS of new stuff to post once things get settled.  I'm actually drawing quite a bit now so there will be many more pics to come!
Glad to hear your well and doing ok. Looking forward to the book and pics.
Bobvan Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool stuff I do alot of SW art as well
Great collection of work just bought Volume 1 and 2 of Sensual Distress moments ago
your style is amazing n_n
I have been a fan of your work for years and currently own both of your books, very glad to hear there is a third book due out! I remember your work from Disturbed Things and a few series you had at the time. One set I believe was the "apprentice" ??? ( My apologies if that was not the name.) Do you plan to post or publish any of your older work? There was a lot of great stuff a lot of people haven't been lucky enough to enjoy like I did.
steveoreno Jan 5, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist

Thanks!  It's greatly appreciated. 

I had one series on DT that was called "Magician's Assistant", that ended up being about 70 or so drawings that morphed into the Cheerl-eaters drawings in my Scrapbook gallery ... and another called The Genie, that was about 30 drawings.  And I did look through some old folders and saw stuff from DT I might post here one day... Maybe I should just make one big DT folder and put everything in there all at once.


   I've been keeping some of the stuff that is either really old or was done very quickly off my page here, just because I only want to post my best or most recent drawings.  The other idea is to start another dA account called Reno's Sketch Page or something like that, where I can just flood it with everything, old stuff, unrealized ideas, and even all the little thumbnail sketches that fill up countless sketchbooks.  Sometimes those are my favorites.


B-) Reno

That was it, 'The Magaicians Assistant"and the "genie" was another great one. Really great stuff, and I hope it finds it's way onto DA again at soem point. I look forward to the next book. -Tano
Stopped in for a much delayed visit, and enjoyed seeing "Claw" and "Tricked Treat." Hope you're doing well and that we'll be seeing more of your work here at dA.
RiverAngel16 Dec 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Your work is amazing! Do you happen to roleplay what you draw?
steveoreno Dec 8, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks!  ... and yes, I have been known to RP.  I get some of my ideas that way.
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